About The Chocolate Wrapper

The Chocolate Wrapper was originally founded by a Hertfordshire family as a way of inspiring and encouraging their two ‘chocolate-loving’ teenagers (Sophie and Jess) to get up off their backsides to earn some cash!

Launched very much with the idea of helping to give them a ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out’, it has gone on to become a real success story!

A Chocolate Success Story

Since it’s inception, The Chocolate Wrapper has become a fast-growing success and met with great interest from throughout the UK and further afield. People love the idea that it was started as a fun idea to give the kids a ‘hand up’, but grew into a strong business that involved the whole family whilst continuing to help instil an entrepreneurial streak and work ethic in the kids.

Local media loved the story too and The Chocolate Wrapper hit the headlines on many occasions and shortly after its inception, won the Chamber of Commerce’s Best New Business Award!

Our motto has always been ‘We’re big enough to cope yet small enough to care’ and we take orders from a single bar to thousands! We regularly produce orders for 500+ chocolate bars and have been known to produce and ship over 5,000 personalised chocolate bars in one month!

Handing over the reins

In October 2017, as Jess and Sophie reached that age and started ‘flying the nest’, the decision was taken to sell the business and we were delighted to ‘keep it local’ when James Ward, Lauren Caisley and their family took up the reigns and became the new owners of The Chocolate Wrapper.

Also based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, James, Lauren and their family are the new ‘chocoholics in town’ and are now writing the next exciting chapter of The Chocolate Wrapper’s story and continuing to take the business to new heights.

We know that The Chocolate Wrapper will continue to inspire their family too and wish them every success in the future.