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Some Like it Hot!!

So with winter finally here, freezing temperatures and snow on the ground, this week has seen us cosying up with the heating on full whack and working our way through two big boxes of gourmet flavoured chocolate bars!! Whoever said work was a chore should really come and hang out with us for a day or two.

Since taking on the business late last year we have had many extremely informal business meetings (usually over dinner with help and very useful contributions from a teenager, a toddler and a baby!!) resulting in list after list of all our “to do’s” and ideas.  Sitting right at the top was our shared view to introduce new and exciting flavours to our chocolate range.  To date, The Chocolate Wrapper has operated very successfully with just milk chocolate bars with the focus being on the personalisation of the wrapper either by a message, photo or a totally individual bespoke design. However, with customers becoming ever more discerning and adventurous we feel there is a need to move with the times and for our tiny corner of the confectionary industry we feel artisan flavours are the way to go.

Having done months of research into suppliers of artisan bars with both unique and traditional flavour combinations we narrowed it down to two suppliers, from each of whom we are now in receipt of a box of sample bars to tantalise our taste buds.

Amongst those we have been sent are two different takes on the now classic, salted caramel and we can strongly vouch for the creation that is “Triple Ripple”! A perfect mix of milk caramel chocolate flavoured with sea salt and liberally decorated with vanilla fudge and butterscotch pieces, this one is definitely a personal favourite of mine.  There are flavours to suit everyone’s tastes.  For our younger customers, we are looking at the funkily designed Malteser and bean bar, its surface bursting with Maltesers, smarties, white chocolate and multi coloured sprinkles.  A big thumbs up from Casper on this one.  For those looking for something slightly more gourmet look out for the deliciously exquisite dark chocolate with amaretti biscuit, almonds, cherries and cocoa nibs – pure indulgence.  And for the more adventurous amongst us who like a bit of heat in their chocolate, the Mexican chilli and tangy lime is literally a flavour explosion in the mouth. Not being a big fan of too much spice this one took a bit of getting used to for me but in James’ opinion “the perfect balance of hot spicy chilli, calmed and sweetened by juicy lime”!!  Not his favourite though – the appealingly named Sweet Sunday Brunch takes that honour.  Dark chocolate with coffee beans, caramel chocolate, butterscotch and honey pieces is the perfect bar for the serial breakfast skipper with a love of all things sweet and fondness for a midmorning latte.

mexican chilli

As we speak tasting, sampling and testing are still ongoing and despite our best efforts to keep them all to ourselves it is fast becoming a full family effort with everyone involved and expressing opinions. Personalisation and bespoke design are still at the core of what The Chocolate Wrapper is all about so of course moving forward not only will you be able to choose from an absolutely delightful range of exciting flavours, each one will come presented in a quality box and complete with your own personalised message or bespoke design.

We are very close to being in a position to launch our exciting new range of chocolate bars so please keep up to date with all our latest news by following us on facebook, twitter and Instagram.

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