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A Family Affair

Wow what a week our first 14 days as new owners of the Chocolate Wrapper has been!!  Since taking the reins last Sunday our feet literally haven’t touched the ground.  All our plans to take things slowly while we fully acquainted ourselves with such a well established business went straight out of the window when we found ourselves inundated with orders from the word go.  Not that we are complaining in the slightest. We simply did what we had always planned to do and got the whole family involved.  Needless to say the mention of chocolate had everyone scrambling to help!!


So far this week we have designed, printed and cut over 850 chocolate wrappers and wrapped the same number of chocolate bars ranging from tiny after dinner mints through to gloriously indulgent 100g bars and several sizes in between.  These have been for a whole range of clients from restaurants to authors and mortgage companies to hotels.  We’ve even found time to do a few Birthday bars, some Halloween designs and made 2 very special people’s days with some Random Acts of Chocolate!!


In order to fulfil so many orders a production line was set up with the whole family set to work.  With James in charge of design and photography, Lauren was left to print and cut the wrappers in readiness for Gabriella to get involved and the 3 of us to wrap, bag and box bar after bar of lovely chocolate.  At only 2 years old there wasn’t much that Casper could do other than be in charge of the odd quality control taste test which he was more than happy to take on!!  And the youngest member of The Chocolate Wrapper team, 9 week old Luna, did what she does best – bossed everyone around from the comfort of her bouncy chair and ensured amidst the organised chaos of chocolate wrapping that her every need was met!!!


A big thank you to everyone who has supported us during our first week in charge of The Chocolate Wrapper.