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Chocolate thank yous – A modern day investment

You know the drill, you sweat blood and tears to pull off the perfect event and all your hard work paid off in the end, as everyone had a fantastic time and you are left basking in the glory. Now the fun part is over the last part of the puzzle begins, as it is time to reach out to those who made it possible and give them that well deserved ‘thank you’. Whilst this may sound like an easy task, finding new and unique ways to express your gratitude can some times be a bit tricky, and lets face it, time consuming.

In between work, getting kids ready for school, feeding yourself and your other half; finding time to do everyday things such as socialise, keep fit and shop seem impossible, far less carving out time to sit down and lovingly pen that must do thank you card. However, if we are all truly honest as to the reasons behind these tokens of gratitude the methods we use and what we decide to say can really change our approach.

Let’s be realistic, we say thank you for two reasons. Firstly ,because we want to show our appreciation  for any help we received and secondly, and more controversially, because we may need their help again at a later date. It may sound a bit crass but it’s true and if you look at thank you cards as a future investment tool, the normal slip of paper does not really seem to cut it, especially if you are planning a wedding or another large event in the future. You will have to pull out all the stops!

Here are a few alternatives to thank you cards that will not only show your loved ones that you really appreciate them, they will also ensure that you earn enough emotional credit to secure their services again in the future. After all it’s all about stock piling!

Keep them sweet…

Some may argue that a nice hand crafted note takes some effort, is personal and shows the other person that you are truly thankful. However why not send them a personalised thank you chocolate bar or thank you chocolate slab with a special message on it. Not only does it scream effort, the great taste will ensure that it is one thank you that they won’t forget. We all know that chocolate is full of endorphins so why not trick their brains into thinking that that moment of pure joy, is directly linked to helping you. Think of the babysitting mileage you could get out of that one!

It’s in the bag…

Gift bags are not only for parties, they can work well as a thank you present also. Fill them with a short note, a nice picture from the event and a little something to nibble on. You know the old adage a way to a mans heart is through his belly. Well that works for women too particularly if it involves chocolate as well!


A few years ago if you asked someone what a selfie was, chances are you would either receive a look of complete confusion, or worst case scenario be mistaken for making an inappropriate comment. Now, it’ has made it’s way into the dictionary and are so popular that even grandparents are jumping on the selfie bandwagon. Why not send a Thankie, a lovely picture of yourself holding a thank you sign with a personalised strapline. This is a real emotional winner and if your lucky may even be shared, which will show the world what a grateful person you are. You never know you may even get some new recruits to help you out in the future!