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Chocolate Money

We always knew it was liquid gold…

If you think that you’re a chocolate lover, we bet that you are nowhere near as committed to our sweet little friend as the ancient Mayans.

The history of chocolate pretty much begins with them as cacao beans were so valuable that they were used as currency. It is said that ten beans could buy a rabbit, and one hundred were enough to buy yourself a workman!  (That sounds better than minimum wage to us.)

When the Aztecs came along they adopted these traditions and continued using cacao to trade anything from livestock, to food and tools. Chocolate was so powerful that some people actually created counterfeit beans using clay, and history shows that there was a sophisticated counterfeit racket. However interestingly, it was very rarely consumed and generally only the rich drank chocolate regularly.

We guess that is fair enough, after all, drinking your money works out to be pretty expensive.