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Birthday Chocolate Bars – Making that Big Day Even More Special

Whether you are turning 8, 18 or even 18, your birthday is the one time of year when you should be able to enjoy being pampered and made to feel really special.

Whilst big expensive gifts can be lovely, the most important thing is to be made to feel like someone has really thought about you, even if it’s just a special card that strikes a chord.

If you are looking for a way to show someone how much they mean to you, or even to arrange the perfect birthday party, you might want to consider getting a birthday chocolate bar. We take a look at what they are and just how they can make the big day even more special.

What are birthday chocolate bars?

There are not many people that don’t like chocolate, so the idea of having a special chocolate bar personally dedicated to them has to be a winner.

A birthday chocolate bar has a custom-made wrapper which enables the birthday boy or girl to have their name, and a personal message if desired. The chocolate is as scrummy as any other you would find on the shelves and it’s usually possible to keep the external wrapper intact if you want to keep it as a memento.

Personalised Purple Ronnie Big Age Female Milk Chocolate BarBirthdays are made to be special.

You can either pick from one of the ready-made designs or simply add in your name and message or you can create your own individual bespoke birthday chocolate bar from scratch if you have a certain idea in mind.

There are a wide range of themes available; boys, girls, young and old and even generic designs too so it’s perfect for the whole family.

Perfect for kids parties

There can be a lot to think about for kid’s parties but having a birthday chocolate bar can solve some of the problems in one easy step.

Handing out a party bag at the end of the day has become a tradition but finding the right items to include can be a headache.

A birthday chocolate bar is the ideal item to give to every child; and with a personalised message it’s a simple way to say thank you to everyone for attending.

If you’re worried about overloading small tummies on sugar, there’s a miniature version which includes all the same great features but in a smaller bite-sized chunk, perfect for little people.

You can even upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl for printing on the wrapper or you can simply plump for one of the many birthday designs already available.

Finding a small piece of delicious chocolate in the party bag is bound to please every child and with a personalised birthday message too, it offers a convenient way to say thanks.

A sweet way to say happy birthday

Many people simply swap cards on their birthdays rather than going to the expense of buying presents but even this can work out surprisingly costly.

So rather than heading down to the card shop the next time a birthday rolls around, you might want to consider sending a personalised birthday chocolate bar instead.

This little action is a thoughtful and considerate way of saying happy birthday in an understated yet meaningful manner. But of course, if you wanted to make a bigger gesture you could always opt for one of the larger bars of chocolate – not something that can be easily forgotten or overlooked!

Who doesn’t like chocolate?

A birthday chocolate bar can be surprisingly cheap; it’s possible to get a good quality standard birthday bar, complete with custom design and message, for less than you would spend on a card for someone special.

And given the choice between receiving a paper card, or a chocolate bar complete with custom design and message – or even better a bespoke creation! – Which one would you prefer to receive…?


Whether you are arranging a kids party, looking for the right way to show someone how much you care, or simply whether you are bored with the uninspiring range of cards on offer, a birthday chocolate bar could provide the solution.

Loved by kids and adults alike, a birthday chocolate bar is a way to show someone that you have put some thought into finding the right gift for them, and you can be certain that the gesture will be received with delight.