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Why Chocolate Favours are so Popular at Weddings

When you are planning your big day, there is an almost endless list of tasks to consider from deciding on the theme of your wedding to the critical task of picking the perfect dress.

But as any good wedding planner will admit, whilst the big decisions are important it can be the smaller details which make the difference between a great day and a really unique occasion.

Wedding favours may not be high on your list of priorities but getting it right can really wow your guests. We take a look at chocolate favours and just why they are so popular at weddings.

A link to the past

Wedding favours have been part of the celebrations for centuries and date back to aristocratic occasions in olden times. Wedding favours were presented as a way for the bride and groom to say thank you to their guests for travelling to celebrate their special day with them.

In the days of yore, sugar was a very rare commodity and considered an extreme luxury so the very first favours were simply sugar cubes presented in an ornate box. As the centuries passed and sugar became more accessible, it was replaced as a wedding favour by pretty sugared almonds, another sweet treat.

Whilst many modern-day wedding favours have moved away from consumables, chocolate remains a way to provide your guests with something that everyone can enjoy which still has its roots in tradition, yet with a contemporary twist.

Match with your colour scheme

More or less every wedding has a special theme or colour which influences the decorations, with everything from chair swags to table cloths matching and complementing each other.

Having a chocolate wedding favour at every setting which blends in with your colour selection will ensure that not only will your guests enjoy the treat, it will look pretty too!

The wrapper for chocolate favours comes in all shapes and sizes so whether you want to offer a small bite-sized favour, or a larger treat, you can select the right bar and even design the wrapper too.

Companies selling chocolate favours offer a wide range of custom designs in all colours of the rainbow so you can pick the image and the shade which you like. Whether it’s champagne corks on a cream background or wedding rings on vintage gold, there’s a wealth of options for you to pick from.

Just because you are picking a ready-made design doesn’t mean that you can’t personalise your chocolate favour. Once you have settled on the colour and image, you can add your own message and words for your guests to read.

Creating something memorable

Of course, whilst providing your guests with a scrummy chocolate treat to enjoy is always going too be welcomed, the wedding favour is as much about the wrapper as it is about what’s inside.

This means that whilst you may want to pick one of the beautiful custom designs, you may have something different that you want to feature on the wrapper.

Chocolate always goes down well!

The good news is that it’s possible to create a bespoke design for your own exclusive wedding favour; simply provide the company with a jpeg of your image and they will put your perfect package together.

What you opt to include is really up to you but starting with a plain base, you can let your imagination go wild! A favourite picture, image or even a photograph of the bride and groom…all are great ideas to create your bespoke wedding favour. If one of you is particularly creative, you could even feature your very own drawing or artwork!

Once you have your image and design, don’t forget to add your words – whether it’s a message to your guests or just the names of the happy couple and the date – to make it a truly personal wedding favour.


It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate and an edible wedding favour is bound to hit the sweet spot with your guests. But by creating the perfect wedding favour wrapper you can be certain that your tables will look stunning and you won’t have to compromise on design or colour. A small but essential detail, pick chocolate wedding favours to give your guests a treat and a day to really enjoy.