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Branded Corporate Chocolate With all Sizes to Suit

When you’ve had a bad day and need a treat to cheer you up, chocolate hits the spot very nicely.

So it’s hardly surprising that as a marketing strategy, it’s a popular and one which is almost guaranteed to be successful, regardless of your target audience.

If you have never considered branded corporate chocolates before, here is a bite-sized guide to everything you need to know.

Branded Corporate Chocolate

What is branded corporate chocolate?

When we buy a chocolate bar we subconsciously absorb what is on the wrapper, even if we are not aware of it in our desire to get to the contents!

Branded corporate chocolate has the same delicious contents; a high quality chocolate produced in the UK, but with a wrapper personalised to reflect your company’s name and slogan.

With full colour printing, it’s never been easier to get your name, logo and any message seen by the masses, whilst at the same time getting in their good books by treating them to a small piece of indulgence.

 What are the options for branded chocolates?

If you are considering using corporate chocolates, there’s a wide range of occasions upon which you may find it appropriate to use them. However, these may be incredibly diverse and the size of the bar you wish to hand out could be very different.

Corporate chocolate bars

The good news is that you don’t have to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Branded chocolates come in different shapes and sizes so you can opt for a small mouthful of chocolate in a 10g size bar if you are marketing to large numbers or a more generous 40g portion when you want to give the recipient a real treat.

When are good occasions to use corporate chocolates?

Branded chocolates can be used on a wide number of occasions, whether you want to get your name known, network in the industry or simply provide a way of saying thank you.

Conferences, meetings and industry exhibitions can all be very valuable times to get out there and make useful connections with colleagues in similar or related businesses. But handing out a business card can easily get lost in the masses; can you imagine how many of these an influential company or individual might receive over the course of an entire day? But by opting to put your contact details onto a bar of chocolate, you can be certain yours will be the one they remember.

Reaching customers is another popular use for branded chocolates, and simply arranging for one of your bars to be included in a goodie bag is a simple yet effective way to reach a large number of people.

Popping a bowl of freebie chocolates in your reception area helps to not only create goodwill, but your customers may take some samples away with them. This might sound like a bad idea but it’s a good way to get your name known which is one of the main aims of the game.

Finally, if you are a business that provides a service, such as a hotel, leaving a complimentary chocolate with your company name and logo is a wonderful way to say thank you and also help ingrain your details in their memory!

Why it’s a good idea

The UK is the second largest consumer of chocolate in Europe so it stands to reason that by providing chocolates, you will grab the attention of a large portion of the population!

If your target market is women, you will be even better served by opting for chocolate as twice as many women as men like to indulge, according to research.

A chocolate giveaway is by its very nature an eye-catching event and something which is almost guaranteed to draw attention. And think about how you enjoy a chocolate bar too; how many times have you absentmindedly scanned the wrapper whilst savouring a mouthful? It’s a great way to provide a bit of subconscious product placement and get your name known.


Branded corporate chocolate is a great way to tick many boxes whether it’s saying thank you to customers or even employees, connecting with business associates or getting your name known. And as a marketing strategy which is simple to put in place, effective and with a wide range of options on the size of your chocolate bar, there really is something to suit everyone.