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Unusual Ideas for Birthday Party Bags and Invites

For children’s parties, getting the young guests there and giving them bags of goodies to take home with them at the end of the day are two of the trickiest parts of the organisation process. It’s also an area that’s become pretty competitive, with parents looking to out-gift their peers with inspired and inventive ideas.

Often, once you’ve got your theme in mind the rest starts to fall into place. However, if there’s no particular theme in mind and it’s your usual jelly-and-ice-cream, pass-the-parcel party it doesn’t lend much inspiration to the process of choosing how to invite people and what party favours to choose.

There are, however, some interesting ideas that might be able to get you thinking and put some pizazz into your birthday party plans.


For kids’ parties, invitations are a must. Rather than being able to send out Facebook invitations, kids need something they can hand to their parents to make sure they turn up on the day.

Packs of paper invites are the obvious choice, but there are other options. Anyone with a computer can knock together a personalised invitation these days with minimum effort.

If you really want to make an impression, try something really unique. Get the details of the party printed on labels for a batch of invitation chocolate bars. Birthdays and chocolate go hand in hand, and having a sweet treat to go with the details can help fix it in the memory. Just try to make sure that the recipient of the invitation holds onto the wrapper once they’ve eaten the chocolate!

Chocolate invitations can be selected from a range of pre-designed styles or you can create your own design from start to finish and get them printed on the bars exactly how you want them.

Party bags

When it comes to picking the contents for party bags, the flourishing market in high street bargain stores is an absolute godsend for the planning parent. Popular additions to party bags include packs of colouring pencils, mini toys or games and the perennial favourite – the balloon.


If you’re looking for something a bit more interesting, start with the bag itself. While lots of places now do packs of plastic party bags, think outside the box and get something that’s a bit more interesting. One great idea for a summer party is a bucket and spade which can be picked up for next to nothing and gives younger children something they can use through the holidays. It’s also something that’s suitable for both party boys and party girls.

Another great idea for a different kind of gift is the inclusion of a book in the bag. There are a number of book outlets that stock books for all ages for less than £1 each and make a brilliant gift for younger children and teenagers. Individually wrapped, these look like a substantial present and make more of an impression than an easily lost or broken plastic toy.

If you ask the kids themselves what the best part of the party bag is, they will always say, “the sweets!” While mini packs of chews or lollipops are common, sending kids away with some special birthday chocolate will leave a lasting impression. Getting some chocolates made up as a memento of the party when you get your invitations printed will check one more thing off your long list of to-dos too!


Party invitations and party bags are a brilliant way to show your flair and creativity when planning your children’s party. Specially printed chocolate invitations and some chocolate bars to include in the party bags will make the party extra special.