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Chocolate Bars to Promote Corporates

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, and never more so than when that something is a treat. There are plenty of ways you can use a sweet treat to promote your business, so take a look through our list and find some ways to use chocolate to sweeten your corporate promotions.

A business card with a difference

When making contacts in a setting where you’re networking with potential clients, a business card is an absolute must. The opportunity to easily share your details with a potential client means that they walk away with your details and have a way to get back in touch with you instantly. It also promotes recall. When that person later pulls out your business card, they will remember you and your conversation, possibly prompting them to re-establish contact.

Imagine just how much more of an impact it would make if the plain card were transformed into a chocolate bar.

With the opportunity to customise the details on the wrapper to include exactly what you want it to say, and even including a chocolate QR code so people can easily find out more information, your potential client gets to remember you and your company as the one that gave them something nice at a time when they weren’t expecting anything. That goes a long way in anyone’s book.

A ‘thank you’ that’s as personal as you like

If a customer has spent money with your company, one way to encourage them to do so again in future is to make their experience of your company as positive as possible. While a large part of that is going to be making sure they get what they pay for, there is a lot to be said for giving the best possible customer service into the bargain.

One way to convey your gratitude for the custom you receive is to give a complimentary gift. This has worked very well for restaurants and salons who offer mini chocolates to their customers after their meal or treatment. Of course, this comes with the added bonus of having the details of the business printed on the packaging for the customer to take away with them.

For bigger deals, you might even choose to personalise the gift to the individual customer. For less than a couple of pounds for a single chocolate bar, you can get a wrapper for a bar individually personalised – something that makes a perfect housewarming gift for a new tenant or home owner.

Reward your staff

Of course, one of your key markets as a company is your own staff members. Without a happy organisation, it makes it considerably more difficult to make for a happy customer. Putting in place rewards and recognition for commitment, hard work and achievement can help to make the workplace a more pleasant place to be, and that enthusiasm is infectious and evident in people’s interaction with your customers.


If you want to create a unique reward for your Employee of the Month, a bespoke chocolate design on a bar with their photo and details of their achievement is a perfect way to celebrate their success. Alternatively, why not splash out on an Easter “egg” hunt with brand-wrapped chocolates or have Santa handing out Christmas chocolates at your office party?


There are lots of ways in which you can use treats to promote your business, thank your customers and reward your staff for their hard work. A wonderful way to raise awareness and leave a good taste in people’s mouths, corporate branded chocolate treats make the perfect addition to the brand’s promotional strategy.