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Chocolate Wedding Favours – A Must for Every Bride to Be

If you’re in the caught in the craziness of arranging your wedding, you will no doubt be overwhelmed with the amount of things which need to planned and organised.

From the big things such as the venue and of course, your dress right down to the smallest details such as the seating plan, there’s a huge amount to keep you busy right up to the very last minute!

Wedding favours are a traditional part of the day and can add a real touch of class and elegance to the occasion. However, knowing what to give your guests can be tough; something that they can enjoy whilst also being a little souvenir of the day itself is the perfect combination.

With this in mind, you might want to think about chocolate flavoured wedding favours – complete with personalised touch. We take a closer look at the little sweet treat that could tick all the boxes.

Create chocolate wedding favours with your own personal message

Favours – what to pick

A wedding favour is a custom which dates back many centuries and is traditionally a way for the bride and groom to show gratitude to their guests.

Originally a sugar lump or other piece of delicate confectionary, wedding favours have often been associated with an edible piece of deliciousness for the guest to savour.

Sugar lumps are not quite the luxury nowadays than they were back in the 13th century so it takes a bit more imagination to think of something which oozes sophistication but it still quite fun.

Although you could give out any kind of sweet, chocolate is a class above and offers the opportunity to not just enjoy a scrumptious goodie, but also a way of providing your guests with a personalised keepsake of the day.

It’s not just what’s inside that counts

Whilst having a little mouthful of creamy chocolate is likely to go down well with your guests, it’s not just the contents that will hit the spot.

The wrappers on most standard chocolate bars are less than inspiring but wedding favours offer a range of designs cleverly created to match your big day. Whether you want champagne glasses clinking, a quirky cartoon groom and bride or even an Indian inspired design, you can pick the perfect wrapper to complement the theme you have picked.

And what’s really great is that not only will you get a pretty package, you can also add a personalised message. With the option to add words to both the front and back, you can capture your names and the date plus include a personal note to your guests.

This option is perfect if you don’t have time to create your own bespoke wedding favour completely; just pick from the range of wedding chocolate bar designs available and add your own words. Simple!

Create your own

If however, you like the idea of having a personalised chocolate wrapper but want to take things even further, you might want to consider a fully bespoke chocolate wedding favour.

With this option, not only can you add your own personalised message to the front and back, you can also design the entire wrapper.

Perhaps you want a photograph on your wedding favour, or maybe a picture that you particularly love. If you are feeling especially artistic, you might even want to add your own drawing or artwork!

All you need to do is provide an electronic image – usually a jpeg file – of good quality and you could see your creation come to life.

If you are designing your big day down to the very last detail, having such a personal wedding favour for your guests will really make it an extra-special occasion. Once they have eaten the chocolate, they can keep the wrapper as a memento of the day!


Some of the best weddings successfully blend the traditional and the contemporary. Giving out a sweet wedding favour has its roots firmly in history yet providing a personal touch is something very new. By opting for a chocolate flavoured wedding favour, you can tick that item off your to-do list and concentrate on the gazillion other tasks you need to do!